CD Jacket art
This illustration is made entirely from vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator. It was made for a CD jacket for a single by a Japanese dance-rock band.

The song "Shiro" is about the songwriters' attempts  to bypass the conscious, analytical mind and tap into the instinctive, fearless, child-like part of themselves. The lyrics examine the difference between art created based on instinct and that created logically in an attempt to make critics think.

The song used imagery such as oceans and fireflies that appear in the illustration. The name "Shiro" was inspired by Tekkon Kinkreet, so the figures goggles are a reference to Kuro from the same movie. The triforce on the goggles is a nod to the art of games such as "Zelda" and "Sword and Sworcery" which have been a big influence on me and the band alike.
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